The web's second most useless website

This website is the replacement for MichaelsMuseum.com and MichaelsWriting.com. It will also include other things that a few people may find interesting.

As the new center of the Michael N. Marcus Media Universe, it has links to my websites, blogs and books, and a growing collection of my photos.

I expect to finish it before 2030.

I am Michael N. Marcus, who lives in Milford CT and was born in daBronx in 1946 and moved to N'Haven CT in 1952.
I lived in New Yawk again (daBronx, Manhattan, daBronx, Queens and Scaaaz-dale) from 1970 to 2001. 

I am daBoss of AbleComm, Inc. and Silver Sands Books.

My father, Bertram ("Bud") Marcus, died on 7/21/09. My mother, Rita Marcus, moved from Boynton Beach  FL back to N'Haven in late 2010 and died in March of 2015.
My sister is Meryl Marcus Alpert, now in Leominster MA. My brother is Marshall Marcus, now in Trumbull CT. My wife is Marilyn Cafarelli Marcus. My dog is Hunter J. Marcus. Marilyn and Hunter live with me.

I attended PS #8 in daBronx, Davis Street School, Sheridan Junior High School and Hillhouse High School ('64) in New Haven, and Lehigh University ('68) in Bethlehem, PA.

WhitePages.com says that Michael is the fourth most popular male name in the United States, after James and ahead of David.
  • They say that Marcus is the # 1,758 ranked last name, after Cope and ahead of Bui. (Bui???)
  • They say that Michael Marcus is the # 69,843 ranked full name, after Michael Hope and ahead of Michael McCray.
  • California has the most Michael Marcuses listed in phone directories.

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